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OVER EXPOSED: returning to its roots.

What is Slides of Earth?
Photographers and non-photographers from the Cardano blockchain come together and capture, share, appreciate and bond over the powerful artform of framing the world and the objects within it - from your point of view.

This project is much larger and more robust than this Alpha Edition. The point of this version is to begin experimenting with different techniques while constantly asking and receiving feedback from our community. This will be an ever-growing project aimed at restoring the vibrant community of photographers that OE had when entering the Cardano scene.

  1. Take a photograph

  2. Take a 'Proof Slate'

  3. Upload to Discord channel

  4. Interact with other photographers

  5. If selected, win prizes via competitions (4).gif
Vintage Cameras
Take a Photograph

Of what?
Absolutely anything - dogs, people, landscapes, machines, etc. Only exception is explicit material.)


On what kind of camera?

Absolutely anything - cell phone, DSLR, analog film cameras - you name it, as long as it captures images, it is allowed


What is a 'proof slate'? 
A proof slate (PS) is an additional photograph that accompanies your Final Work (FW) submission that proves that you took the photo. It is incredibly important to us that we ensure the photo submissions are genuine and not stolen.

How do I make a PS?
It is easy. After or before you take your FW photograph, you take a photo in the same location with a piece of paper with "OE" written on it. This method of proof we did not invent. It has in fact been around for a long time - whether it is an eBay listing or an OnlyFans model proving they're real, the whole "written IRL proof" is nearly the only (and best) way to prove the validity of a photograph. 

Let's dive into this PS stuff a bit more below.

Proof Slate

Further Explained

In this example, we will look at a photo submission from Wren Ellis.

There are 2 parts to the submission: The Final Work (FW) and the Proof Slate (PS).



"Final Work (FW) is the "actual" photograph you took and are submitting. Think of your FW as the "final product." 

Above, we have Wren's FW of a deer in Maine, US, taken on a 35mm camera and developed by hand in his kitchen sink.

But did he really take it?


Let's find out.



Along with his FW, he submitted this PS.

Low and behold, it looks like his submission is legit. 


It is important that the PS and FW are pointed in the same direction in order for there to be distinguishing features between the two. 


In this example, Wren captured the distinctive tree in the background. 


Note that the deer is gone in the proof slate - and that is completely fine. We know that so many great photos are simply a short instant in time (birds in flight, a passing train, a homeless man swigging a bottle of Daniels, etc.) We don't expect you to replicate the photo exactly. 


If we deem there is not sufficient evidence, we do reserve the right to reject your submission. We will of course notify you of this and give you the opportunity to fix it (going back to the location to take a new PS) - but we understand this is rarely an option, so just be sure to take solid proof slate photos. Feel free to take even 2-3 PS's, just as safety / alternatives.



Prefer to not show yourself at all? No worries. Simply utilize an alternative method of displaying the proof paper. 
Please remember: you are sending us the PS directly, privately, via a support ticket. We will AT NO TIME share your PS with anyone. The admin are the only ones to see it. 


An example of a way to display the OE paper without being seen.

Here is what a standard photo submission would look like:


"The best photo I ever took (and that I want to submit) was last year in Scotland. I, of course, can't take the proof slate photo since I am not there any longer.


This experience is meant to get people out into the world and taking new photographs. We all have great photos in our back pocket that we lean on, but sometimes we need motivation to get out and capture more art. This "starting now" mentality will push people to adventure out and snap photographs they are even more proud of than their "past gems." And as always, we welcome you to come share your "past gems" in the photo channel of our Discord. We would love to see and discuss them.

Old Cameras

Where in Discord?
1. Head to our Discord.
2. Make a new ticket. Under th
e Ship's Computer channel group, go to the #support-ticket channel and click "Create Ticket." Or, simply click here

What do I upload?

You send us 2 things: 
1. Your Final Work photograph
Your Proof Slate photograph


In the #slides-of-earth channel, each photo submission has a thread. Simply click that thread to comment your support, critique or simply just admire the conversation about the art that someone has made. Even throwing a simple emoji is still engagement. We don't bite!


SOE isn't just show and tell - we are going to slowly build back our community of photographers because we know how many there are on blockchain - and we also know how much talent there is. A community doesn't thrive off of just sharing work, it thrives from the conversation, as well.


Once you upload your work, your job is done. From there, we will be factoring several criteria to select photographs that will be part of photo duels via Twitter polls.


What are the criteria to be selected?

There are several - some will be public, some not, but all in the spirit of supporting those who take this community and artform seriously.

These criteria include:

1. The quality of the photograph


2. The response of the community to the photograph. We will be weighting comments in the photo's thread higher than emoji reactions due to emojis being a weak metric (duplicate accounts/bot accounts).

3. The user who posted. Who are they to the OE community? EVERYone has a chance, but we have a slight affinity for community members who we see interacting frequently and have been overall champions of Over Exposed. We may have "newcomer" competitions and "veteran/OG" competitions to further support those who are new. We are not playing favorites, simply trying to structure a system to support dedicated holders/members while simultaneously supporting brand new OE fam.

What are the prizes for winning a competition?

There  will be several different kinds. As we move into new chapters of OE, there will be more categories of prizes. But for now, expect:

 - Mekanisms

 - Genesis Tokens

 - OE Collectibles 


This version of Slides of Earth is a proof of concept. 

As we grow SOE, we are building the web3 experience to streamline the entire upload/vote/interaction/competition process to make it truly unique and effortless to participate in. It WILL be one of the key places for photographers to hang out on this chain (and eventually pull from other chains, too). 

Note: this is a parallel project to our other main projects we are working on as a company. It is not our sole focus - so progress will be at a modest pace.

Again, this is not a perfect system. We need YOU to help us make it so. Please go to our suggestions channel and add your thoughts. Or, if you would prefer to suggest things privately instead, create a ticket. We would love to hear from you. Let's make this great, together. 

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