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Expansion Modules are self-contained roadmap experiences that inform the Over Exposed community of the what, why and when.

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Why is this page so important?

When someone new is discovering Over Exposed for the first time, this is where they will be directed to. This is their first taste of OE.

Being the hub for all future updates about the company, we decided that this page needs to be just as elegant as the art within our flagship collections.

The Expansion Modules replace the need for another iteration of our Blackpaper, since the modules are exactly that, but cut up into bite-sized pieces.


These EMs also replace the need for a conventional "roadmap," since we include all of that information within each module release, as well.



We thank all of our holders for trusting us. It is an exciting day when a company like ours finally discovers their best method of informational delivery. PDFs simply are not OE and that ended up limiting the news we released.

We are looking forward to releasing EM1 to our dedicated community. 

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