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As we are moving deeper into Q2, we are long overdue for a status update. It is no surprise at this point that we share a limited amount of information for many months - just to unleash an info dump via a long form article. We do hope that, after this article, many of our current projects will be out on the table which will allow for us to update our community more frequently. On top of this, it is important for us to grow in a direction that our holders have a say in - and that is only possible if they know what's going on.


We were hoping to keep certain parts of Phase 2 secret until launch, but it is becoming increasingly more difficult to do that due to how long these current projects are taking us. We want to be together in this journey - doing it alone has its perks, but they are few and far between.


2023 has been a funny year for us. We started strong with Make-a-Mek, CMAM and the Medium article, but quickly fell into a “backend” cycle that instilled a heavy dose of tunnel vision for the whole team which projected a message of uncertainty to the entire community. We are not uncertain, if anything, we are very certain that OE is going to emerge from this winter in a good position. Our engagement needs a ton of work, but we have a plan for that. It revolves around rekindling the powerful engagement and community that launched OE back in Q1 2022: photography. We are going to lay out the entire plan in Expansion Module (EM) #2.


This article has a few of the key and immediate projects we are working on. Some of them are big, some are small, but all of them we feel are crucial to telling the OE story and setting ourselves up for an immersive Phase 2. Speaking of Phase 2 - it's a very vague term and it's becoming unclear to the community what "is" and "isn't" P2. Consider everything from CMAM until Musik Room to be Phase 2. It is enormous, with tons of primary and secondary quests within it. P2 will almost certainly last 1 to 1.5+ years.


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At long last, we share the crown jewel of the Over Exposed universe. Humanity 1 is not just a space ship, but a proverbial "arc" that houses everything that Planet Earth is and was - with a focus on the primate that ruled the rock: Homo sapiens.

A vast and immersive lore surrounds the backstory of who made the ship, why, and what its destiny is. All of this to be revealed in cinematic ways as the journey unfolds, but one thing we can share is that the ship ties everything together - and not just in Phase 2, this is the home for OE for the unforeseeable future. The ship is so large, there is enough space for Expansion Modules, lore and collections to last ten lifetimes. Welcome home.

Humanity 1 ThemeOver Exposed
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Paragraph explaining the vision for the tone of the sonic landscape surrounding the universe of H1. Classic Sci-fi, big strings, horns, epic, moving.



More information on how the theme(s) of this world will play nicely into the emotion of the lore. Bittersweet, triumphant, lonely.
But, also some hard hitting EDM and industrial grime core.

A whole bunch more shit

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