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The first Wren Ellis 1/1 to be auctioned on Cardano via

Over Exposed is an art-centric NFT project on the Cardano blackchain. Known for it's dark and industrial aesthetic, OE first entered the NFT space in February 2022 and is currently between it's first and second season. 

Wren Ellis is an American-born musician and animator working out of Boston. His pieces range from still images, to GIFs to full videos with sound effects and music. His passion is combining visuals with audio in order to deliver maximum impact to his viewers.

Cardominator is a 3D-animated NFT with music and sound design. This was the very first 1/1 that Wren created on Cardano and is a tribute to his feelings of discovering the right blockchain for his art. The process to create this was roughly two weeks and consisted of much trial and error.

Originally, the weapon was a bow and arrow and it shot an arrow which sported blue wiry hair and tarnished chrome. The idea to swap that for a gun came from Wren's desire to drive home the explosive power and speed he feels towards this decision to move from Ethereum to Cardano.

The music was composed to compliment the tone and grandeur of this life-altering decision made by Wren to switch blockchains. He has a contemporary music composition background, but grew up listening to classical music, primarily Holst and Vivaldi. You are able to hear those influences in the music composed for this 1/1.

- The bull 3D model used in this piece is the same one used in the Mekanism collection. Wren used this as a way to pay homage to the roots of OE. 

- The classical instruments are not real, they were painstakingly crafted by Wren to sound as real as possible. We plan to one day re-record this piece with live instruments.

- The "slow down" of the film canister is not a true "slow down." It is in fact just the canister being programmed to move slower for several seconds.


Mekanism is the first PFP project in the Over Exposed Universe. It is a hand-assembled collection of 3D avatars.
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